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Do you need a lawyer?  The RCBA’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is available to anyone who may need legal advice or assistance.  We refer you to a qualified attorney for an initial 30-minute consultation for a $50.00 consultation fee.


How The Service Works

If you have a problem that you think requires professional legal attention, contact us at any of the telephone numbers listed below.  One of our Staff will listen to your problem, evaluate your situation and immediately refer you to a highly qualified attorney who is a Member of our Lawyer Referral Service.


You pay the attorney only $50.00 for the first half-hour consultation.  Most consultations take place in-person.  You call the attorney’s office, describe your particular problem, and then set up a time to meet with the attorney for an initial consultation.


There are no additional charges for the referral.  If your issue is resolved during the initial consultation, there is no further obligation.


However, if after the consultation you need further legal assistance, you and the referred attorney arrange it at a cost agreed to between you and the attorney.


The attorneys in our Lawyer Referral Service are in good standing with the New York State Bar Association, they are insured, and experienced in the area(s) of law related to your particular problem.


Approximately 1500 clients were referred to attorneys through our Lawyer Referral Service last year.


To reach the Lawyer Referral Service, call 845-634-2149.

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM


Note:  If you have already retained the services of an attorney, we cannot refer you to a different attorney for the same matter.

The Lawyer Referral Service is not a pro bono (free) service.  If you can’t afford the $50.00 consultation fee, please try either of these services to see if you qualify:


Legal Aid Society of Rockland County, Inc.http://www.legalaidrockland.org/

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley - http://www.lshv.org/